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Jodie Thomson

Good design is good business

- Thomas J. Watson -

Design works best when it gets out of the user's way

- Neil Gajara -

Jodie Thomson

I’m uniquely Western Canadian – born in Edmonton, raised in Saskatoon, schooled in Victoria, and then launched my career as a Design, Communications and Marketing Professional in Whitehorse.


I had a chance to work on advertising paste ups with my father, who worked for a national mattress chain, in the 90s and it soon stretched into wanting to create my own magazines and designing posters for local music gigs. Having the chance to create visual communications pieces and work with stakeholders to put their ideas into the world is incredibly rewarding and challenging – and after a decade or so in the advertising business I still wake up excited to create.


In my youth, I was fortunate to have the opportunity to tour across Canada with a new wave-inspired indie rock band. Being an ambassador of Saskatchewan & B.C. music – and having the chance to speak with people that are passionate about culture – has shaped how I look at the world. I have a great love of all things food, music, performance and literary and I appreciate the micro-cultures that exist in other provinces, territories and cities in Canada.

I just want to make beautiful things,
even if nobody cares.

- Saul Bass -


Here are a few samples of my professional work.

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